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RK HydroVac, Inc. is a specialized service company dedicated to providing an environment conducive to continuous satisfaction and improvement for our customers, employees, suppliers and shareholders.

In addition to RK providing a full line of roof preparation services, we are also experienced in industrial and commercial vacuuming such as plant cleaning and water filtration systems.  Learn more about us »


Does RK sell vacuum equipment or parts?

We are in the service business, not the business of selling. In fact, even when we remove gravel from a site, we give it away for reuse rather than selling it to a wholesaler.

What other training, certifications, or memberships do you have?

In addition to being a drug free workplace, we ensure safety by maintaining OSHA 30HR as well as Confined Space safety training. Of course, we are also Bonded and Insured as well.

What services do you offer?

The following list is standard across our offices, but not comprehensive. Contact your local office to learn more.

Roofing Services

  • Ballast Removal
  • One Pass Dry Vacuum
  • Wet Vacuum
  • Re-Ballasting or Swap Out
  • Solar Panel Ballast Exchange
  • Pneumatic Ballasting
  • Scarifying

Filter Media Management

  • Filter Media Replacement
  • Filter Media Removal
  • Filter Media Installation
  • Filter Media Sourcing/Supply

Industrial Services

  • Hydro-Excavating
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Pressure Washing
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Industrial Cleaning

The RK Advantage

  • Full Line of Roof Vacuuming Service
  • Longevity
  • Technologically Advanced Equipment
  • Capable of Handling Unique Working Requirements
  • Safety Conscious Program
  • Professionalism
  • Quality Service and Customer Support
  • Availability

RK Roof Services

  • Ballast Removal (Single Ply and IRMA systems)
  • One Pass Dry Vacuum (BUR)
  • Wet Vacuum (BUR)
  • Ballast Removal and Re-Ballast or ‘Swap Out’
  • Solar Panel Ballast Exchange
  • Pneumatic Ballasting
  • Scarifying

Filter Media Management

Filter media replacement is a specialized job, requiring specialized knowledge to complete quickly, and properly. Whether large gravity filters or small pressure vessels, we have the industry experience to complete in just days, jobs that can take others months.
  • Filter Media Removal
  • Supply Filter Media
  • Filter Media Installation

Industrial Services

Our equipment not only allows RK to provide superior cleaning services, but we reclaim the vacuumed material as well. We can also clean, supply, and install filter media reclaiming all unwanted material.
  • Hydro-Excavating
  • Industrial Cleaning
  • Parking Lot Cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning Services

Setting the standard in roof preparation and industrial vacuum services.

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