Roof Services

RK HydroVac provides a full line of specialized roof preparation and disposal services.

Roof Preparation and Industrial Vacuum Services

For more than 40 years, RK HydroVac has proven itself as a leader in innovative roof preparation services, jobsite safety, employee satisfaction, and surpassing customer expectations.

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Ballast Removal

Our vacuum system removes rock and other similar ballast quickly, safely, and most of all, neatly.

One-Pass Dry Vac

Our state-of-the-art vacuum process removes the loose material in just a single pass.

Wet Vac System

Roof preparing for any new roofing system without ponding water or additional drying methods.

Pneumatic Ballasting

From pea gravel to 2.5″ river rock, easily cover hard-to-reach areas, electrical lines, multi-level roofs.

Disposal Services

We offer a simple one-call scheduling and timely delivery of dumpster trailers to our roofing partners.

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We serve the roofing industry by removing rocks, so roof repairs can be made or new roofs can be installed. Come work with us.

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