As of January 1st, 2017, we have   577 consecutive days without a recordable injury.

Full Line of Roof Vacuuming Services – RK Hydro-Vac provides a full line of roof vacuuming services; dry-vac, wet-vac, ballast removal, and ballasting for the industrial and commercial industry.

Longevity – RK Hydro-Vac has been in business since 1981 and we have been able to build a team that is beyond compare.

Technologically Advanced Equipment – Through much research and development RK has continually modernized the roof preparation business with technologically advanced equipment. RK is dedicated to continuous satisfaction and improvement for our customers.

Capable of Handling Unique Working Requirements – Through the years we have encountered all types of buildings, set-ups, and obstacles. RK has years of experience working in high profile locations. We have encountered unique working requirements and have kept our customers satisfied. RK’s experience includes reaching extreme heights to vacuum rocks off of roofs several hundred feet in the air.

Safety Conscious Program -While hard work is one of the fundamental ethics of our team, so is safety. We have a safety conscious program and put safety plans in place for every job. In fact, we emphasize an internal 100% safety rule and take all reasonable steps to ensure a safe work environment. Each of our highly qualified crew members have at 30 hours of OSHA training, numerous hours of in-house training and are fully equipped with the devices needed to maintain a safe and effective work setting.

Professionalism – Professionalism is another key value for RK. This is why all our trucks are manned by uniformed, well-trained and highly skilled crews. Our field personnel are trained to provide high quality services and we tailor our response time to meet your specific needs.

Quality Service and Customer Support – Our goal is to earn your business every time you need a related service. That is why we stress quality service and customer support to meet your schedule. Our estimators have experience both on the job site and in the office, providing them with well-rounded knowledge in creating the most accurate quotes possible, and we always strive to serve in the most convenient manner possible. Whether you prefer communications in person, or by fax, email, or phone, we are ready, willing, and able to serve.

Availability – We strive to provide the most reliable industrial cleaning and roof preparation in the business. RK’s experience, technology, and timeliness permit us to handle numerous projects at any given time, and we are available year round. RK regularly sets the standard for roof vacuuming, industrial cleaning services, customer care, and overall professionalism.