Project Overview:

The Center of Science and Industry in Columbus, OH (COSI) needed to remove 150 squares (15,000 sq. ft.) of River Rock from their single-ply EPDM roof.

Project Challenge:

This high-profile Ballast Removal job was located in the heart of downtown Columbus. The location made traffic, especially foot traffic, a significant factor. Furthermore, in order to effectively reach the work area, RK needed to work from a staging area at the main building entrance in front of COSI’s fragile, and very public, decorative facade. What complicated matters more was COSI’s desire to be discreet, and not look like there was any construction work taking place.

RK Process:  

To accommodate their requests RK took several steps.  First, limited work hours were scheduled which spanned from 5:00 p.m. through midnight. Secondly, the staging area was set up and torn down for each shift and all equipment was removed from the job site. Thirdly, RK made sure that any visitors did not have to contend with construction, which ensured their safety and invisibility of the job in general. 

End Result:

This project was a success due to RK’s flexible schedule, our crew’s ability to leave behind a clean construction-free looking jobsite and the use of our self contained vacuum units, which kept the entire site dust free.

COSI Columbus Case Study Images

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