Project Overview:

Mericle Commercial Real Estate Services in Wilkes-Barre, PA has a beautiful decorative pond around their property. This presented a perfect opportunity for RK Hydro Vac’s Industrial Vacuuming services.

Project Challenge:

While locations like these seem relatively accessible and therefore appear somewhat easy, looks can be deceiving. Such a location can be surprisingly difficult as the shape and size prevents crews from using backhoes or other heavy equipment. Most often that means shovels and other manual methods which would most likely destroy the liner, extend the project duration over the course of days, and be exhausting manual labor, which increases risk of injury and of insurance claims.

RK Process:

With a combination of both experience in these environments and the right equipment, RK Hydro Vac was able to vacuum stone and other debris from the location, cleaning the property in an efficient and safe manner. Notice how delicately the crew vacuums without damaging the expensive liner or surrounding areas. Moreover, RK finished the job in mere hours and the property was beautiful in no time.

End Result:

While time was not an essential element in this project, having work crews around your property can be a nuisance. However, the speed with which RK was able to complete the job offered this customer a significant cost savings over the sheer man hours it would have taken to complete the project and allowed our customer to devote their existing manpower on more productive projects.

Industrial Vacuum in Delicate Area Case Study Images

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