Project Overview:

American Axle & Manufacturing in Three Rivers, MI is a leading provider of automotive components. They approached RK with a job for a 650,000 sq. ft. facility that required a wet-vac of Pea Gravel from their Built Up Roof (BUR).

Project Challenge:  

The significant challenge of this project was the fact that  over 6500 squares (650,000 sq. ft.) had to be cleared in under two weeks. American Axle needed this project to be started and completed during the automotive industry’s two week shutdown.

RK Process:  

Understanding the need, RK deployed a larger number of resources than for a typical job. Four vacuum trucks were sent, and enough crew members were scheduled to keep the project moving around the clock.

End Result:

RK finished this large project ahead of schedule. In fact, there was time to spare. Getting the job done well, and according to the customer’s requirements, is top priority for RK Hydrovac.  With a large fleet and national coverage, no job is too big, or too small. 

Industrial Wet Vac in Limited Time

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