Filter media replacement

Filter media replacement is a specialized job, requiring specialized knowledge to complete quickly, and properly. Whether large gravity filters or small pressure vessels, we have the industry experience to complete in just days, jobs that can take others months.

Filter Media Removal

For the vacuum removal process, the tubing extends from the vacuum truck, through an opening, across the floor and to the filter. We can transport filter media up to 700 feet. Our services keep the work environment clean and dust free, inside and outside the building. By utilizing our service, gravel and debris will not fall from conveyors or out of wheelbarrows, resulting in a cleaner, safer site.

Filter Media Installation

For the installation process of anthracite, sand and gravel in a broad range of sizes on a filter cell, induction equipment is positioned outside. Tubing is extended through an opening, which is connected to a discharge line at the filter tank.

Supply Filter Media

We can install media you supply or we can provide a complete ‘turn-key’ solution freeing you from the ongoing logistics involved with filter media. Count on us for obtaining the right media for your application. We’ll manage everything from planning, detailing the specifications, sourcing, shipping, installing and testing the filter media to ensure you have the best solution.

RK HydroVac, Inc.’s offices are conveniently located permitting us to have nationwide capabilities. Pricing varies per project and is based on several factors (project size, accessibility, media, etc.)

  • Filter media can be purchased in super sacks allowing you to benefit from bulk price savings.
  • Dust-free filter media replacement
  • Gravity and pressure vessel filters
  • Fast service ideal for limited water storage
  • No heavy material handling