Parking Lot Cleaning

RK provides high-pressure washing (cleaning) of parking areas such as banks, gas stations, minimarts, parking garages, etc.


Hydro excavation is the process of digging with pressured water and vacuum to quickly and safely expose underground pipes and cables. Our self-contained trucks dig with high pressured water while vacuuming the water and the soil back into our sealed trucks. Our excavations are clean, precise and ready for inspection or whatever further work is required. We uncover pipeline, phone lines, fiber optics with trained operators in a quick and safe manner without damaging any expensive or hazardous lines. We do potholing, slot trenching, or whatever non-destructive excavation services are needed.

Tank Cleaning Services

We vacuum and/or high pressure wash tanks, silos, pits, and other enclosed spaces. We can also clean, supply, and install filter media reclaiming all unwanted material.

Industrial Cleaning

Industrial cleaning can include a broad range of vacuuming and pressure washing services. Clients often include power plants, steel mills, foundries, refineries, rail cars, bulk storage bins, silos, and storage tanks. Our equipment not only allows RK to provide superior cleaning services, but we reclaim the vacuumed material as well.