Ballast Removal (Single Ply and IRMA systems)

Our ballast vacuuming services will remove all 0.75” to 2.5” river rock from single-ply roofs. By removing ballast this way rather than traditional shovels, wheelbarrows, and chutes, you remove the most labor intensive portion of ballasted single-ply tear-offs. This saves you time, labor, injuries, Read more »

One Pass Dry Vacuum (BUR)

RK’s One Pass Dry Vac Process will remove all loose gravel and dirt from the surface of your built up roof, without power brooming. The RK Dry Vac allows excess weight to be removed from the roof deck prior to laying another roof. Dry vacuuming a roof not only speeds up the process of tear off. Read more »

Wet Vacuum (BUR)

RK’s Wet-Vac System removes all non-embedded dirt, pea-gravel, or slag leaving the roof 100% clean for resaturant, urethane or other roofing systems. Read more »

Ballast Removal and Re-Ballast or ‘Swap Out’

Ballast removal and re-ballast, or “swap-out” as some call it allow you to save on the cost of purchasing new ballast for your repair or re-roof jobs. Read more »

Solar Panel Ballast Exchange

When installing solar panels on a ballasted roof, the existing ballast rock can be exchanged for the distributed weight of the solar panels being installed. So doing is not easy and requires precise measurements and workmanship. Read more »

Pneumatic Ballasting

Ballast ranging in size from ordinary pea gravel up to 2.5” river rock required on many roofing systems can be pneumatically placed from the ground to the roof and broadcast evenly in a controlled manner across the roof surface. Read more »


RK uses specialized equipment and well trained personnel to remove foam from urethane roofs to your defined depths. Our process shaves and contains all materials, including coating, granules and urethane, in a fully contained system to ensure a clean and environmentally friendly job site. This process includes removal and disposal of all scarified material. Read more »