Ballast Removal, Re-Ballast, and Solar Panel Ballast Exchange

Ballast Removal (Single Ply and IRMA systems)

Our ballast removal services will remove all 0.75″ to 2.5″ river rock from single-ply roofs*.

By removing ballast this way rather than traditional shovels, wheelbarrows, and chutes, you remove the most labor-intensive portion of ballasted single-ply tear-offs.

This saves you time, labor, injuries, and is significantly cleaner.

RK HydroVac’s ballast removing system also removes all crushed rock and river rock from insulation boards of IRMA roof systems.

  • Eliminates Wheelbarrow & Shovels
  • No Dust in the Staging Areas
  • No Flying Rock
  • Recycles Gravel & Rocks
  • Reduces the chance of Back Claims on Workers Compensation and other injury risks

*Solar panel footprint ballast removal also available

Ballast Removal Available in All Locations
Single Ply and IRMA Systems

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Ballast Removal and Re-Ballast or ‘Swap Out’

Ballast removal and re-ballast, or “swap-out”allows you to save on the cost of purchasing new ballast for your repair or re-roof jobs.

This process begins with vacuuming all 1″ to 2.5” river rock from single-ply roof systems. The roofing contractor will have an area onsite to stockpile the vacuumed gravel to be used in the re-ballasting process.

Once the new membrane is installed, the re-ballast can begin.

Using the rock removed and stockpiled onsite, the rock will be evenly distributed at the specified amount over the contracted work area.

  • Lower materials costs
  • Less waste
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Reduced labor costs and damages

The roofing contractor should consider the weight of the ballast with the old roof system to determine how much if any, ballast they will need to purchase to meet the required 10 lbs per square standard, or to account for any modifications that may be required. Purchase and delivery of the new ballast to the jobsite is managed by the roofing contractor.

Ballast Removal and Re-Ballast or ‘Swap Out’ Available in OH Territory Only.

Solar Panel Ballast Exchange

When installing solar panels on a ballasted roof, the existing ballast rock can be exchanged for the distributed weight of the solar panels being installed.

Doing so requires precise measurements and careful workmanship to protect the existing roof system and building structure.

Ballast removal and exchange via RK HydroVac’s vacuum process is capable of reaching roofs hundreds of feet in the air ensuring accuracy, safety, and a clean work site.

  • Protects roof during the transition to a greener alternative
  • Recycles Gravel & Rocks
  • Reduces the chance of injury for workers and passers-by

Solar Panel Ballast Exchange Available in All Locations

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Dry Vacuum
Dry Vacuum

Other Services

Dry Vacuum (BUR)

Our state-of-the-art vacuum process removes the loose material in just a single pass.

Wet Vacuum (BUR)

Roof preparing for any new roofing system without ponding water or additional drying methods.

Pneumatic Ballasting

From pea gravel to 2.5" river rock, easily cover hard-to-reach areas, electrical lines, multi-level roofs.

Disposal Services

We offer a simple one-call scheduling and timely delivery of dumpster trailers to our roofing partners.

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