Industrial Wet Vacuum (BUR)

Wet Vacuum Services

RK’s Wet-Vac System for Built-up Roofs (BUR) removes all non-embedded dirt, pea-gravel, or slag leaving the roof 100% clean for resaturant, urethane or other roofing systems.

The Wet-Vac System directs atomized jets of water at the roof surface during the vacuuming process.

This double cleaning action loosens heavy accumulations and provides a scrubbing action on the caked dirt below the gravel.

All the cleaning happens inside the vacuum head, eliminating “ponding water”.

The result is an extremely clean roof surface ready to receive restaurants, urethane foam, adhesives, or other roof systems which require a clean bonding surface.

  • Loosens Heavy Accumulations
  • Clean Bonding Surface
  • Eradicates Ponding Water

Industrial Wet Vacuum Available in All Locations

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Wet Vacuum
Wet Vacuum

Other Services

Ballast Removal

Our vacuum system removes rock and other similar ballast quickly, safely, and most of all, neatly.

Dry Vacuum (BUR)

Our state-of-the-art vacuum process removes the loose material in just a single pass.

Pneumatic Ballasting

From pea gravel to 2.5" river rock, easily cover hard-to-reach areas, electrical lines, multi-level roofs.

Disposal Services

We offer a simple one-call scheduling and timely delivery of dumpster trailers to our roofing partners.

We serve the roofing industry

Since 1981, RK HydroVac has been leading the way in providing clean and safe environments to all kinds of commercial, industrial, and municipal construction job sites.
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